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Leverage stock trading on MT4
Trading discussionsHow to Change the Leverage on MT4Leveraged trading has become immensely popular amid the wave of new investors over the last two years. The investment strategy also referred to as margin trading, lets the trader borrow funds to initiate a larger position than his or her own capital. Put simply, it is essentially a loan to invest greater sums on stocks, forex, and commodities. This tactic allows the investor to potentially increase returns with a higher leverage ratio. Unfortunately, the wrong move can also trigger steep losses. If you are using the MT4 trading platform, how do you modify leverage anyway? We have compiled a brief step-by-step breakdown to help you get started with MetaTrader4 leverage. How Does MT4 Determine Leverage? On the MT4 trading platform, leverage is determined differently from share dealing. The formula for financial leverage works as total company debt divided by shareholder's equity, which is also identified as the debt-to-equity ratio. Now, how does the leverage work for retail and institutional investors? If there is a 100:1 leverage, this means that for every $1 in account equity, the investor can control up to $100. Or, if the leverage ratio is 500:1, this means investors can work with up to $500 for every buck. How to Alter Leverage Settings on MT4 Whether you want to increase or decrease leverage on MT4, it is simple enough to do with a few clicks. Here's how: Start by visiting the "Accounts" section of your "Secure Area" profile.hit "Select" next to the MT4 account numberChoose "Change Leverage." The maximum leverage ratio might depend on the securities being traded. Some may utilize a fixed leverage system based on the position traders established on the MT4 trading platform. Conclusion: What Leverage Should You Use for MT4? When first-time investors are experimenting with leverage, they should always start with the smallest amount available. Since leverage is enormously risky for all traders, you do not want to potentially ruin your finances by making the wrong trade with a 250:1 leverage ratio. Or, if you want to work with greater leverage, you can always participate in demo trading and ensure you know how the process works. In the end, as every finance expert recommends, only invest what you can afford to lose.
Social Trading: What Is It and Which Networks Should You Look At?
Trading-strategySocial Trading: What Is It and Which Networks Should You Look At?Social trading has become one of the biggest developments in the finance industry, with investors watching the trading strategies and behaviors of their fellow armchair traders and professional individuals buying, selling, and holding securities on a social trading network. Within the social trading realm, the top measure is to engage in copy trading, using a variety of metrics, like proven results and social-proofing, to determine what user to mirror. Is this too good to be true? Can everyone get rich if you follow the best of the best? Are there risks? Let's explore the various components within this segment of the finance sector. Risks of Social Trading Because it might appear to be risk-free trading, some may think that this is an illegal practice. However, both copy and social trading are legal and legitimate, although they are not immune to people trying to game the system and initiate a scam. Therefore, there are circumstances whereby investors could be scammed by traders trying to pump penny stocks or participate in Binary Options. That said, because most trading platforms maintain a ratings and reviews system, these scammers may only get away with it once, and the social trading community would immediately found these unscrupulous users. What Is a Social Trading Network? A social trading network is an ecosystem of members that following the trading efforts of other users, whether they are retail traders or well-known professionals. These websites provide social trading signals and provide a wide variety of services, like crypto social trading and information on base investment decisions. From copy trading for beginners to copy trading crypto bot, the vast array of social trading outlets maintain a treasure trove of products to help you make money. But what would be the best social trading platform to sign up for in this market? The Best Social Trading Platforms This online industry has created a long list of social trading networks. Some great, some decent, and some that are terrible. In this case, here is a look at the best social trading platform: eToro The consensus in the social trading community is that eToro is the Rolls Royce of the social investment network. It is a one-stop-shop for launching a strategy to copy successful crypto traders and to enjoy the benefits of free social trading. Plus, you can have peace of mind, accessing more than 2,400 stocks and 250 exchange-traded funds (ETFs). eToro also has licenses from the following: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) This is the type of risk-free trading you would want. NAGA Are you a novice when it comes to both copy trading and the overall investment world? NAGA might be something you want to consider using. It is one of the top-rated social trading brokers because it offers basic tools and commission-free trading on commodities, cryptocurrency, futures, indexes, and forex. Indeed, eToro and NAGA also possess the best trading signal providers on trading platforms and social media. Moreover, if you want something that is specifically for virtual tokens, such as bitcoin and dogecoin, both of these outlets are great for social trading crypto. Does Social Trading Work? So, in the end, does social trading work? Like every other investment avenue, copy trading can lead to incredible wealth generation. At the same time, the advantages and risks are comparable if you invested by yourself or if you relied on a broker. The market is challenging to exploit, but, with due diligence and the right tools, you can make a decent return from social trading. The amount of earnings you could earn is up to your risk factor and capital!
Crypto & Forex CFD Trading: Best Platforms by App & Country
PlatformsCrypto & Forex CFD Trading: Best Platforms by App & CountryIn order to determine what is the best CFD (contract for difference) trading app, you will need to figure out your wants, needs, and skillset. Not every CFD trading platform is created the same, with each avenue offering users a broad array of CFD trading tools or forex crypto pairs. Indeed, your financial success depends on mulling over a wide variety of components, whether it is an ETF CFD or superb CFD trading software. Which Trading Platform Components to Consider Ultimately, it comes down to measuring each aspect’s strengths and weaknesses. You can accomplish this by presenting some key questions so you can choose a good forex CFD broker or CFD trading platform for beginners. What should you ask? Here are some of the best queries to put forward as you make that leap into the world of forex and CFD: Is the platform user-friendly?Is the outlet mobile-friendly?Is it secure?Does it offer real-time analytics and data?Is the platform reliable and responsive?Does it offer the ability to trade instantly?Does it have risk management tools like stop-loss?Does it provide you with important analytical tools to facilitate your choice of investment?Does it have reasonable fees?Does it have good customer support?Does it provide you sufficient choice of trading markets?Do the features match your trading skill level? Most Popular CFD Brokers easyMarkets CFD Broker A trading platform that offers access to more than 200 markets on your computer, iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. It also provides worldwide customer support and an extensive range of market analysis tools. And, if you compare it to, let's say, an HYCM review, you will see that easyMarkets is a tremendous service. Avatrade Avatrade is a 15-year-old global trading platform that offers traders an extension selection of trading options. It is great for copy trading and is compatible with mobile devices, while also being great for your pocketbook since it ranks among the top for commissions and fees. Fortrade The Fortrade online CFD trading platform provides detailed CFD trading services and proffers many different trading instruments, covering dozens of currencies, as well as 250 stock CFDs, indices, and commodities. Want to learn more? Read this Fortrade review and initiate a Fortrade vs easyMarkets comparison today! eToro You have probably found this everywhere online, but this is still worth a mention. So, yes, eToro is a social trading and multi-asset brokerage platform that provides financial and copy trading services. IQ Option Did you know that IQ Option is among the fastest-growing online trading firms in the world. The website maintains several investment products, including CFD crypto, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), commodities, and indices. Most important, it will give you peace of mind when you ask this pertinent question: Is CFD trading safe? You can learn everything you need to know about IQ Option by checking out the IQ Option review. Best CFD Brokers by Country Brazil: IG, Saxo Bank, and XTB; France: CMC Markets, eToro, and XTBGermany: IG, Saxo Bank, and CMC MarketsItaly: Degiro, eToro, and XTBPoland: Degiro, eToro, and XTBRussia: IG, Saxo Bank, and XTBSaudi Arabia: IG, interactive Brokers, ForexSouth Korea: City Index, CMC Markets, and Activ TradesSpain: CMC Markets, eToro, and XTBThailand: Hotforex, Pepperstone, and XMVietnam: Hotforex, CFD Broker, and IC Markets Crypto CFD Trader Review Crypto CFD Trader is an automatic trading software that uses trading algorithms designed to scan the cryptocurrency market and detect trading signals. The robot reads market news and analyzes trading charts. It also executes orders through a high-frequency trading system and can process thousands of orders simultaneously. It is claimed that this robot has an accuracy level of 99.8% and can generate consistent profits for investors. Overall, reviews of Crypto CFD Trader are positive, and most state that the robot performs well and accurately predicts successful trades. The Best CFD Apps Are you looking for CFD trading reviews? Cryptocurrency is fast catching on and becoming more popular across many businesses, globally- it is only a matter of time before the cryptocurrency market will be thoroughly regulated- allowing more investors to invest in digital assets. As of now, CFDs crypto can assist traders in generating varying amounts of profits by predicting the price movements. But, like everything else in the world of finance, all novice traders need to be educated about cryptocurrency, forex, and CFD. In the end, if you are just starting with cryptocurrency CFDs, it is highly recommended you consult with a professional investor or a broker to understand the business, if you are suited for it, and ensure you do not fall for a CFD stocks scam. Interactive BrokersPulse500Vantage FxCapitol.comForex.comeToroIGXTB Equip Yourself with Knowledge In the world of finance, it is imperative to arm yourself with not only CFD trading tools, but also knowledge. Whether you are engaged in forex crypto pairs or you altered your strategy to include an ETF CFD, you must ensure you have all the information at your fingertips to execute the best trade. This is a two-party plan: the CFD trading platform for beginners and your due diligence.
Wealthsimple Review: Trading Options, Stocks, Fees, and More
PlatformsWealthsimple Review: Trading Options, Stocks, Fees, and MoreFor many years, being a Canadian investor has not been the easiest. The primary entry barrier for a long time had been the costs associated with investing, especially trading stocks. The major financial institutions charge as much as $20 per trade, making it hard for retailer investors to get involved in owning shares of Suncor, Walmart, or Restaurant Brands. Zero Commission Trading Thankfully, Canada is attaining similar technology and apps that the United States has had for a few years. The main development? Zero commission trading! Wealthsimple is changing the game in the Canadian financial sector. Whether it is introducing $0 trading or bringing fractional shares to armchair traders, the mobile application is doing a lot for non-institutional investors. And this has become a welcomed feature. When you see your neighbors to the south get to enjoy zero-commission trading, it becomes increasingly frustrating to know that your capital gains will fall victim to the fees. Or, worse, your losses will be compounded because of the enormously high trading fees. That's all over! Say hello to Wealthsimple Canada. Wealthsimple Accounts Wealthsimple currently maintains a large number of different accounts, with each one tailored to your trading portfolio needs, whether you are a serious trader or a consumer looking for better interest rates. Here is a list of the registered and non-registered accounts you will find at Wealthsimple to bank, save, or invest. Registered Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)Spousal RRSPLocked-in Retirement Account (LIRA)Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) Non-Registered SaveJoint SaveNon-Registered Personal or Joint AccountBusiness Account Unsure where to begin? Here is a step-by-step breakdown of what you can expect creating a smart savings account or getting started with a Wealthsimple TFSA: Visit, where you will find the Wealthsimple login. Click "Sign up."Insert your email address, create a password, and "Select a jurisdiction."Select "Add an account" and pick your type of account.Follow the prompts to complete your account creation process. Wealthsimple is available in Canada and the United Kingdom. Trading on Wealthsimple The Wealthsimple Trade app gives you zero-commission access to stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and cryptocurrencies. If you do not want to buy and sell equities on your smartphone, Wealthsimple now allows access to its trading platform on desktop computers. The mobile app continues to expand its suite of features and options, including the buying and selling of fractional shares and even a Wealthsimple delisted stock. Because it continues to grow, Wealthsimple will likely keep adding to its list of features. That said, there are still many limitations when using Wealthsimple. Your orders are limited to market buy/sell, limit buy/sell, and stop limit buy/sell.Investors are cannot engage in options trading.The dividend reinvestment program (DRIP) is not supported on Wealthsimple Trade. Still, regardless of these limits, you have free rein to trade in whatever capacity you wish, including swing trading. The Wealthsimple Cash App One of its newest additions to the Wealthsimple family of products is the Cash Capp. This is a mobile application that allows you to send money instantly to your friends and family. Since Wealthsimple is registered and insured with the Canada Insurance Deposit Corporation (CDIC) up to $100,000, so the peer-to-peer payment application is safe and legitimate. But, of course, one of the most important things is that it is free and instant. All you need to do is fund your account (no minimum), choose your dollar sign handle, and add your contacts. What is also great about the Cash App? You can earn an interest rate of 0.75%.You can send up to $5,000 daily and up to $20,000 per month.You can receive a referral fee of $5. Wealthsimple Fees As previously noted, one of the most appealing aspects of Wealthsimple Trade or Wealthsimple Cash App is the company does not have account fees. Whether you are buying low-risk ETFs or getting in on the cryptocurrency hype, you will not pay fees. The only cost you have is the estimated exchange that already includes the 1.5% fee. How long does it take to withdraw from Wealthsimple? It takes up to seven business days to withdraw funds from your account: three business days to liquidate, two business days for a settlement period, and two business days to transfer the money from your Wealthsimple account to your bank account. Is It Good to Invest in Wealthsimple? Wealthsimple is perhaps one of the best developments in Canada's financial sector. Whether it is Wealthsimple Invest vs Wealthsimple Trade, this is the only institution that does not charge customers for buying and selling stocks, with the big banks slapping as much as $20 for every trade. It is insured by the CDIC, the desktop and mobile application is easy to use, and Wealthsimple continues to evolve into a one-stop-shop for all of your financial needs. Download the app today and enjoy the pleasure of zero-commission trading!
Forex Standard Account vs. Raw Spread: What’s the Difference?
Trading discussionsForex Standard Account vs. Raw Spread: What’s the Difference?Standard account vs raw spread? Trade mini lots or trade standard lots? Raw spread vs zero spread? As you navigate the various forex account types throughout this vast ecosystem, it can be difficult to determine what is the best forex account type for beginners. Indeed, there are many types of forex trading accounts catered to all kinds of traders. But what is the best one for you? Let's explore! What is a Standard Account in Forex? It is true that forex brokers and trading platforms will use different names for their forex account types. In other words, a classic account will likely be the same as a standard account. This means that a standard account will maintain a minimum deposit level of $100 and let you trade mini-lots. Put simply, while forex accounts may have alternative names, they generally share the same features and tools. What Is Raw Spread in Forex? The age old debate in foreign exchange market: Raw spread vs zero spread. But what is the difference between the standard account vs raw spread? A raw spread is when you have the best possible forex conditions the market has to offer traders. It is great because it offers you the genuine underlying price of the instrument without a mark-up price. For example, if you are trading the USD/CAD currency pair, and it is trading at 1.2768, you will get this price rather than the mark-up. This is different from, let's say, a standard account because it will give you the best conditions your broker can offer. So, you may have spreads that are at zero for much of the trading session, but you will contend with brokerage fees. That said, the normal and perhaps best raw spread among forex brokers is between one and five pips. Conclusion: Which Account Type is Best for Trading? Whether you are searching for the best forex account type for beginners or a top-notch account for seasoned traders that offer leverage and flexible lots, it can be hard to determine which account is best for you. When you are starting out, you perhaps want a micro / mini forex trading accounts since they maintain a low minimum deposit limit and let you trade standard micro and nano lots. Now, it is safe to say that most forex traders have at least two trading accounts. This is done mainly so one account is utilized to execute a trade and the other is used to hedge your first trade. It is a good idea, however, to be familiar with forex trading before moving forward with this tactic. Unless you become a full-time forex trader, it is not necessary to upgrade your trading account. While there are advantages to upgrading to, let's say an intermediate account, it is not critical. Plus, as the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!
FXAIX vs. VOO ETF Comparison: Fees, Performance, and Risks
StocksFXAIX vs. VOO ETF Comparison: Fees, Performance, and RisksFor years, the go-to benchmark stock index had been the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). But, as the saying goes, this is no longer your grandfather's US stock market. Instead, all the hip investors are focusing their attention on the S&P 500, featuring the 500 largest U.S. publicly traded companies, weighted by market capitalization. This is now the gauge that financial analysts pay attention to. You can always invest in the S&P 500 to diversify your portfolio. But how? A couple of options: the Fidelity 500 Index Fund (FXAIX) and the Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (VOO). But in this FXAIX vs. VOO battle, which one should the investor select? It is best to compare before making that giant leap, even though FXAIX is a mutual fund and VOO is an ETF. Let's dive deeper into the FXAIX vs. VOO debate. How to Buy FXAIX Unsure where to start to buy the FXAIX mutual fund? We have compiled a step-by-step breakdown so that you know how to buy FXAIX: Start a brokerage or investment account and pick your account type (401(k) and an IRA).Research the large blend funds, such as the FXAIX expense ratio and the sales load.Purchase the amount of units based on how much you can afford.Establish your purchase plan (frequency, amount, dates, etc.).If applicable, decide your exit strategy. How to Buy VOO Essentially, as long as you have a trading account, whether with your financial institution (TD Ameritrade or Fidelity) or investment platform (Robinhood or Webull). All you need to do is find VOO on the list of securities and place a market order and insert the number of shares you want to acquire. Comparing FXAIX to VOO Fees of FXAIV vs. VOO For cost-conscious investors, the FXAIX Fidelity 500 Index Fund maintains a gross and net expense ratio of 0.015%. The FXAIX expense ratio is cheaper than the VOO net expense ratio of 0.03%. Fund Size Comparison When comparing the fund size between FXAIX vs VOO, there is quite a considerable gap in the size of total assets. Here is a breakdown between the two investments: VOO Number of Stocks: 507Fund Total Net Assets: $777.3 billionNet Assets of 10 Largest Holdings: 28.6% FXAIX Number of Stocks: 509Fund Total Net Assets: $364.995 billionNet Assets of 10 Largest Holdings: 27.36% Indeed, the liquidity levels of FXAIX and VOO are both strong, giving investors confidence that there are enough assets under management (AUM) in either index fund. Performance Comparison Is FXAIX a good investment? What about VOO? The answer to these questions is simple: Look at the performance levels! Here is how the two funds have performed over time: YTD FXAIX: +19.69%VOO: 20% Five Years FXAIX: 109.45%VOO: 109% The VOO / FXAIX vs S&P 500 performance has also been relatively the same. Risk Comparison According to the MorningStar figures (as of February 23, 2021), the Fidelity 500 Index Fund maintains a three-year risk rating of "Average" when compared to the broader large blend fund (1,254 funds). Meanwhile, the MorningStar risk ratings for the VOO ETF are the same: "Average." Which Is Better for Long-Term Investment? In the FXAIX vs VOO debate, the answer to which is the superior long-term investment depends on your trading acumen and your activity. If you are a passive "set it and forget it" investor, you could always go with the FXAIX mutual fund, especially considering that this investment vehicle has a lower expense ratio. Plus, if you hold a Roth IRA, FXAIX is the better long-term pick. That said, if you are an active investor, perhaps the ETF route is the better way to go. Moreover, VOO gives you a steady tax deduction should your shares fall. Conclusion: Which Should You Invest In? Many investors, young and old, have decided to go the ETF route. The exchange-traded fund market has skyrocketed into an $8.8 trillion global industry in the last few years. Still, mutual funds are a lot more lucrative: $55 trillion (as of the beginning of 2020). In the end, both FXAIX and VOO are great investments. If you are someone who likes a hands-on approach to their investments by actively managing the portfolio, VOO is a good option. At the same time, if you like something in your back pocket for a rainy day or your retirement, FXAIX is a prosperous choice, too.
Long Term Microsoft Stock Investment: The Pros and Cons
Long-termLong Term Microsoft Stock Investment: The Pros and ConsMicrosoft Corporation (MSFT) is one of the most successful companies on the planet, with a market capitalization rate of about $2.25 trillion. The stock is as impressive as the organization, trading at an all-time high of around $300 and maintaining a quarterly dividend of $0.62 a share. Microsoft is certainly a top-notch security and of the few growth stocks to have in your portfolio that can offer solid long-term capital gains and a regular income. That said, like any other investment on the New York Stock Exchange, Microsoft does have its own set of pros and cons. What are they? Let's explore! Pros of Investing in Microsoft Long-Term Microsoft Has Great Value The primary supporting factor in owning the technology juggernaut is its valuation. It is only one of two businesses to possess a $2 trillion-plus market cap (the other being Apple). When a company is this immense, it is challenging to bet against it. To put its stock's success into context, if you had $1,000 and you were investing in Microsoft in 2011, it would be worth $12,000 today! Maintain a Steady Corporate Leadership The corporate leadership has been steady, with only three chief executive officers since Microsoft was founded in 1975, with Bill Gates serving in this position for 25 years. Although it is widely considered that the Steve Ballmer years were the dark days of Microsoft, Satya Nadella has been doing a remarkable job as his tenure has seen the tech titan outperforming Wall Street expectations because of its move into cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) and its improvements in the operating systems (many shudder at the idea of Vista!). They Secure Lucrative Contracts Microsoft's contracts with the government have been lucrative. The most recent agreement was a $10 billion cloud contract with the Pentagon, choosing Microsoft software over Amazon and its Amazon Web Services (AWS). It would make sense, too, since Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson are considered lower default risks than the United States government! This explains why shares keep rising. Microsoft Is the King of Dividends One of the best methods of determining a corporation's success is by studying its dividend. Microsoft has been a dividend king for years, routinely increasing its quarterly payments, even during the coronavirus pandemic when it gave it a nickel boost, from $0.51 to $0.56. Cons of Investing in Microsoft Long-Term Is Microsoft overvalued? This is one of the chief questions that new investors are asking before they pick up shares of the company. Stagnating Price-Earnings Ratio By looking at the price-earnings ratio (P/E ratio), it has stagnated this year, trending in the 37 range, which is way down from the peak of 60 at the start of 2018. Still, investors do see some growth, but not as much as in previous years. The price-earnings growth ratio (PEG ratio) is 2.25 These readings are higher than the S&P 500. On the surface, this is great. But once you scratch beneath the surface, you start to wonder if a two-trillion-dollar firm can maintain growth at a quick enough rate to justify these measurements. Rising Technology Competition Another risk that is minuscule but still something to watch out for is competition. If a competing tech giant makes tremendous strides in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, or cloud engineering, Microsoft could lose out on market share. Conclusion: Is Microsoft a Good Long-Term Stock to Buy in 2021? Investing in equities, no matter what it is, will always involve a risk vs reward element. Despite Microsoft's meteoric ascent over the last year, there is plenty of uncertainty regarding the future of the stock. From volatility in the broader financial markets to equities like Microsoft being able to sustain the momentum, many traders - seasoned and novice - would stand back and be wary of buying shares in a stock that is trading way above all-time highs. Will Microsoft always be a cash cow? If you are buying the company strictly on dividends, you will have found the golden chalice by holding long-term. However, if you are seeking capital gains with a short-term investment strategy, adding Microsoft might not be a wise decision for your portfolio.
Solved: Withdraw Money & Crypto From Your eToro Account
PlatformsSolved: Withdraw Money & Crypto From Your eToro AccountIn today's online investing marketplace, there are many options at your disposal, whether you are participating in copy trading or buying and selling stocks. The world is your oyster. Of course, you might have some questions along the way, which is perfectly fine, no matter your skill level. One of the most popular web investing platforms is eToro. If you have ever combed through the long list of social trading and investment hubs, you may have come across eToro. If so, let's get to know the fundamentals of the eToro ecosystem, including withdrawing your money and cryptocurrency from your eToro account. Looking to withdraw money from your eToro investment account or bitcoin from your eToro wallet? Not sure how to place a withdrawal request on eToro? We have compiled a complete guide for these steps to ensure you know how to withdraw funds from eToro. For more information, read our extensive eToro review. Is It Safe to Withdraw Funds From eToro? Yes, it is most definitely safe on eToro to withdraw funds. Your money can be taken out up to the value of the balance of your account. The process consists of withdrawing money to the bank account you used to deposit money. Plus, eToro is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), and the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). Withdrawing Money From eToro Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to withdraw funds from eToro: Click on the "Withdraw Funds" tab in the menu on the left side of your screen.Insert the amount you want to withdraw in U.S. dollars.Fill in the electronic withdrawal form.Hit "Submit," and the money will go to your credit card, PayPal, or bank account. Withdraw crypto from eToro wallet On the eToro trading platform, you can withdraw crypto to an external wallet. Here is the step-by-step process: Hit the "Portfolio" button on your eToro account.Click on the cryptocurrency you would prefer to transfer.On the list of open trades for that crypto, click on the specific trade you would like to transfer.Visit the "Edit Trade" screenTouch "Transfer to Wallet."Finally, click on "Transfer" to start the process. You will also receive a notification that confirms your request has been submitted. A "Pending Transfer" will appear on your eToro trade line. It should be noted that you can cancel your request until the transfer is complete. Just keep looking out for the status of your funds. eToro Withdrawal Fees How much does it cost to withdraw money from eToro? All withdrawal requests come with a $5 withdrawal fee. Plus, any withdrawals that are denominated in currencies other than the U.S. dollar will be subject to a conversion fee. The website also has this disclaimer regarding your bank transfer withdrawal: "Please note, you may be charged by the funding provider involved in the transfer (intermediary bank, receiving bank, or your credit card provider)." How much does it cost to withdraw crypto from eToro? Cryptocurrency investors will face a crypto transfer fee by eToro and a blockchain fee. This is a 0.5% fee. The minimum fee is $1 and the maximum fee is $50. The fees apply to all the cryptocurrencies on the platform: bitcoin, ether, XRP, litecoin, bitcoin cash, and XLM. eToro Withdrawal Time How long does it take to withdraw money from eToro? Once your withdrawal request has been completed, it would take several business days to see the funds in your account. Depending on your bank or payment method, it could take up to seven business days for your full eToro withdrawal to be completed. How long does it take to withdraw crypto from eToro? The withdrawal time for your crypto investment can take up to five business days. However, it might take a little bit longer if the company asks for some additional verification documents. You also need to factor in weekends and national holidays. Be sure to note that there is a 60-day delay if you used a debit card for your crypto transactions. eToro Withdrawal Limits Maximum withdrawal There is no maximum withdrawal amount for your eToro account. Minimum withdrawal The minimum withdrawal amount is $30, and you must have withdrawable funds available in your account. How to withdraw money from eToro? The funds are withdrawn using the same method as you deposited from, meaning that it is sent to the same account. Put simply, you can: Withdraw funds from eToro to Paypal.Withdraw money from eToro to your debit card.Withdraw funds from eToro to your bank account. How to withdraw crypto from your eToro wallet? Can you withdraw crypto from eToro wallet? Yes, you can withdraw the list of supported cryptocurrencies from the eToro trading platform to an external wallet. This is done through the mobile application that is available on Android and iOS devices. All you need is your username and password for eToro's Money App. How long does it take to withdraw crypto from eToro? There are two waiting periods for eToro users. The first is that if you funded your account with a U.S.-based online banking source, you will need to wait seven business days before you can start a transfer. The second is if you added money to your account with a debit card, there will be a waiting period of 60 days before you can begin a transfer. How to withdraw crypto from eToro wallet Visit the "Portfolio" tab on your eToro account.Choose the crypto you would like to transfer.When you see the list of open trades, pick the specific trade you wish to transfer.Find yourself on the "Edit Trade" screen.Click "Transfer to Wallet" Hit "Transfer" after you have reviewed the transfer's details. Troubleshooting Reasons why you can’t withdraw funds from eToro There could be a couple of reasons why you cannot withdraw your money from eToro: If you used a debit card, you may only receive funds equal to the original deposit.If you are withdrawing more than the original deposit, eToro may use a different payment method listed on file or request bank wire transfer information.If the transaction is complete, and it shows next to the status of your funds, you might need to contact your bank for more information.Be sure to check your inbox or spam folder for messages from the eToro team. Withdrawal problems are common, so do not panic if your withdrawal request does not go through right away. How do I reverse an eToro withdrawal? Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to cancel or reverse your withdrawal request: Visit the withdrawal request page or head to the "Withdraw Funds" tab on your trading account.Hit the "Click Here" link when the pop-up message appears, allowing you to see your withdrawal history.Click the "Reverse" button that appears next to the withdrawal request.Confirm that you are canceling the request.The funds will be returned to your account. It should be noted that if "In Process" appears in your transaction status, you can no longer cancel your request. Withdrawing Your Money is Easy as 1-2-3! Overall, withdrawing your money from your eToro account is as easy as 1-2-3. If it wasn't before, you know how to withdraw funds from eToro. You deposited your funds, made a profit from your initial investment, and now you wish to cash out and send your earnings to your bank account. Enjoy!
MetaTrader 4: Safety, Scams, Community, Trading CFDs, Commodities & Stocks
PlatformsMetaTrader 4: Safety, Scams, Community, Trading CFDs, Commodities & StocksEntering the digital world in 2005, MetaTrader4 was developed by the famous company MetaQuotes as a reliable trading platform. The MT4 platform is primarily used for forex trading, but could also be used for buying/selling indices, cryptos, and commodities via CFD deals with brokers. Continue reading to learn all there is about MetaTrader 4. What is MetaTrader 4? MetaTrader 4 is a versatile trading platform that includes comprehensive technical analysis tools, trading signals, a trading robots market, mobile trading, algorithmic trading, and much more. To be successful in forex trading, it's best recommended to make use of all of these qualities, especially as a beginner. We know that many beginners ask themselves "Is MetaTrader 4 a broker?". The simple answer is no, MetaTrader 4 is not a broker; instead, it is a trading platform that the vast majority of brokers offer to their users, whether you're looking to trade forex, stocks, indices, or something else. In fact, MetaTrader 4 is the most popular internet trading platform for buying and selling assets and commodities. However, their main focus is forex. Its user-friendly interface allows you to access complex technical analysis and trading techniques, and most popular brokerages offer it. The MT4 app not only has the greatest analytical tools on the market, but it also works with thousands of brokers and provides excellent tools for new traders, like demo accounts and copy trading. Experienced traders can even show off their results and become profitable MT4 signal providers. Trading Commodities on MetaTrader4 Can You Trade Commodities on MT4? Yes, you can trade commodities on MT4. Just like forex and crypto assets, you can place different order types when trading commodities on MT4, including market orders, stop loss, pending orders, etc. Still, keep in mind that the commodities you have in your MT4 account will largely vary depending on your broker. What Commodities are Traded on MT4? As we've mentioned previously, the Metatrader 4 commodities you'll have in your account will vary from broker to broker. Nevertheless, the most popular Metatrader 4 commodities are Gold Spot, Silver Spot, Bent Crude Oil Spot, and WTI Crude Oil Spot. How To Add Commodities in MetaTrader 4? Adding commodities in MT4 is a simple process. Go through the following step to add a commodity of your choice: Open your MT4 appFind the Market Watch windowRight click it, and choose "Show All"Find the Metatrader 4 commodities you'd like Press the "Trade" button and choose your order type Trading Stocks on MT4 Can You Trade Stocks on MT4? Yes, you can trade stocks on MT4. The stocks on offer on the MT4 will depend based on the broker of your choice, but most New York Stock Exchange Stocks (NYSE) are listed. Is MT4 Good For Stock Trading? Yes, MT4 is a great choice for stock trading. In fact, many stock experts regard it as being significantly better than web trading platforms. This is because, with MT4 for stocks, you can largely benefit from important information, like historical data, different chart types, and trading signals. Still, keep in mind that when trading with stocks on MT4, you're not actually purchasing shares from the company. Instead, you'll own an MT4 CFD, allowing you to profit based on your trade type (long or short). How To Trade Stocks on MT4? You can trade a stock on MT4 as long as you're broker allows it. To use MT4 for stocks, do the following steps in order: Open MetaTrader 4Go to the main menu on the leftLook through the watchlist Add the symbol of your choice Trading CFDs on MetaTrader4 Is MetaTrader 4 a CFD? Yes, because you won't own physical shares of the company of your choice when you trade on MT4. Of course, a MT4 CFD has its own array of benefits. MT4 CFD trading is a great choice because you can benefit from doing "short trades" on companies, which wouldn't be the case if you physically own the company's shares. How To Trade CFDs on MT4? Since you don't purchase physical shares when trading with MT4, all assets you can trade (forex, crypto, commodities, stocks) will be a CFD (Contract For Difference). To trade an MT4 CFD, do the following steps: Open your MetaTrader 4Right-click the "Market Watch" window in the centerSelect "Symbols" and pick the CFD of your choice After selecting the CFD, you can trade it using a variety of order types. MetaTrader 4 Costs Does MetaTrader 4 Cost Money? Many beginner traders ask themselves "Is MetaTrader Free?". The short answer is yes, MetaTrader is free. There is no upfront MetaTrader cost for using the platform, whether you're trading forex, crypto, stocks, or indices. MetaTrader 4 is available for download and use at no cost.. In fact, MetaTrader 4 is a prominent trading platform that has been available since 2005, and MetaQuotes is its founder. This means that MetaTrader 4 can be downloaded for free from their website. When you use a broker to access the platform, the broker may give MetaTrader 4 away for free or potentially increase the spread to account for using either the basic or MetaTrader 4 Pro account. No commissions are paid with a basic account on either the MT4 or MT5 platforms since any fee is incorporated into the spread. Still, some fees may apply with your brokerage, but the best MT4 brokers will only apply minimal fees. MetaTrader 4 Community In addition to being one of the best platforms for trading, MetaTrader has its own community of dedicated traders. Also known as the MQL5 community, it is one of the best digital spaces for both beginner and experienced traders. In the MetaTrader community, you can find valuable information on almost anything regarding MT4 and trading in general. The official website of the MQL5 community has a dedicated forum where you can ask and answer questions for free after completing your registration. Additionally, the MetaTrader community offers a vast array of resources and tools every trader can benefit from. This includes trading signals, MT4 quotes, economic calendars, VPS services, and more. Consider checking the MetaTrader community out if you'd like to join one of the best digital spaces for traders. Is MetaTrader 4 a Safe Platform or is it a Scam? Many users ask the question: "Is MetaTrader 4 Safe?" We strongly believe that MetaTrader 4 is a secure platform and not a scam. When making investments and trades using the platform, it encrypts all data between the trader and the server, effectively your IP address. However, while MetaTrader4 by itself is safe, other potential issues may arise. These potential issues could arise from the broker of your choice. Keep in mind that any data you share with brokers can be manipulated, so be extra careful when choosing the right MT4 broker for you. An unsafe broker means that deposits may be deleted, transactions can be changed, and real-time market data can be falsified. Only your broker's business ethics and the fact that it's unlawful prevents them from doing so. This is why it's crucial to find a broker that is safe and reliable. Although MetaTrader 4 scams rarely happen, you can keep yourself fully protected by sticking to reliable brokers like Fortade. Hundreds of thousands of traders have put the platform to the test over many years, and it is now a highly trustworthy option for traders. On Which Platforms Is Metatrader 4 Available? We think that you can get the best out of MT4 if you opt for the PC version. This is how you will get the most powerful and easy instrument for technical analysis and market trading, whether on Windows or Mac. In addition to PC, the MetaTrader 4 Android OS App is a full-featured trading platform for Android-based smartphones and tablets. It has everything you need for effective Forex Trading. It includes a complete set of orders with order types, trading history, unique execution modes, technical analysis, and the broadest range of mobile devices supported. Best MT4 Brokers To trade forex with real money, it's highly recommended you stick to a reliable broker where your personal data and financial info is safe. Continue reading to learn more about the best M4 brokers. 1. AvaTrade Established in 2006, AvaTrade offers multiple trading platforms for both PC and mobile devices. You can trade in spot forex, forex options, and CFDs on assets like cryptos at this platform. In addition to AvaTrade's WebTrader, you can use MetaTrader, as this is a reliable broker. Finally, for social (copy) trading, you can use proprietary platforms like ZuluTrade and DupliTrade together with AvaTrade. Take a look at our in-depth review of AvaTrade. 2. eToro Being widely regarded as the most popular copy-trading platform, eToro is a safe broker founded in 2007, primarily used for forex trading and buying/selling CFDs. Although eToro is a reliable online brokerage, you cannot download and use MetaTrader 4 from eToro. Instead, consider sticking to other MT4 brokers. Take a look at our in-depth review of eToro. 3. easyMarkets Opening its doors to the world in 2003, easyMarkets is one of the oldest brokerages in the industry. Moreover, this platform is strictly licensed and quite secure, as it's regulated by both the CySEC and ASIC. Once you make your account, you can trade at easyMarkets through their web platform or download MetaTrader 4 from their website. Take a look at our in-depth review of easyMarkets. 4. IronFX Since it was established in 2010 in Cyprus, IronFX has been a reliable broker with a fantastic diversity of products. Although IronFX doesn't offer a dedicated trading platform through their website, you can trade forex and CFDs using MetaTrader 4. Still, consider sticking to other options, as IronFX is somewhat notorious among the trading community for having hefty fees. Take a look at our in-depth review of IronFX. 5. HYCM HYCM, formerly known as HYMarkets, is one of the leaders in the brokerage industry by experience, being established more than 40 years ago. Moreover, the broker is safe and heavily regulated, while the fees for purchasing and selling assets are minimal. Although the brokerage could slightly improve its customer support section, it's still one of the best MT4 brokers out there. Take a look at our in-depth review of HYCM. 6. Fortrade Known as the best broker for MetaTrader 4, Fortrade is an excellent choice for forex trading and operating with cryptos. The company was established in 2013 in the UK and now offers an exceptional experience for MT4 traders. Finally, Fortrade has near minimal fees and allows for straightforward deposits without any hidden fees. Take a look at our in-depth review of Fortrade. 7. IQ Option IQ Option started as a binary options broker but now offers CFD trading products on cryptos, ETFs, stocks, and forex. Although IQ Option allows for a seamless forex trading experience, it is not an MT4 broker. Therefore, while the IQ Options trading platform is good, offering traders MetaTrader 4 is a necessity nowadays. Take a look at our in-depth review of IQ Option. To Conclude All in all, one can rest assured that MetaTrader4 is a safe and reliable trading platform. Whether you use it for forex, or you prefer trading assets like cryptos and precious metals, you can do it here as long as you pick one of the best MT4 brokers. The platform has proven itself to be reliable and unrivaled in the world of trading, so we believe it deserves a chance.