Using TD Ameritrade and Managing Multiple Trading Accounts

Filip Dimkovski
By Filip Dimkovski
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published May 25, 2021.

Using TD Ameritrade and Managing Multiple Trading Accounts main image

TD Ameritrade is one of the larger online brokers in the U.S. It offers multiple platforms aimed at different levels of expertise. The extensive educational offerings help new investors become more confident and encourage them to explore additional asset classes as their skills grow.

Minimum Investment

It’s a platform where both new and experienced investors can get the most out of it. It requires a $0 minimum investment and delivers standout features, including extensive — and free — research and data, portfolio-building guidance, $0 commissions for stock, options, exchange-traded fund trades, and nearly 300 branches for in-person customer support.

Tools and Education

TD Ameritrade offers not only extensive research analytical tools but also has an entire education platform for investing beginners, helping you achieve your dreams.

Linking Accounts

More specifically, Ameritrade has a feature called "Link Accounts" that lets you manage all of your accounts from a single login. First, you send a link request from your primary account to all of the other accounts you want to link, and then go into the other accounts to approve that. In the Balances and Positions section, you can view either an individual account or all accounts combined.

You can also link your bank account with TD Ameritrade, allowing for quick and easy transfers. If you'd like to transfer money between two TD Ameritrade accounts, you need to connect and link them.

In The End

There shouldn't be many issues with this broker, as using the TD Ameritrade platform is simple and easy. It really is a broker that covers all of the bases and does it quite well. Even with their no commission trades, traders can still get important knowledge, helpful portfolio guidance, and valuable courses from them.