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Is TradingView a good platform?
PlatformsTradingView: Real-Time Data, Best Brokers, Alternatives and MoreBeing one of the most extensive charting platforms for traders, TradingView is an excellent market analysis tool currently available with many unique features. On the TradingView website, you'll have access to many useful instruments, like pre-loaded scripts and detailed formulas. You could even create your own strategy with the tools you have at your disposal. Continue reading if you'd like to learn more about it. Is TradingView Trustworthy? Yes, TradingView is a trusted online stock analysis tool suitable for both novices and experienced traders. The trading platform has many charting tools you could use for research and allows its users to communicate and cooperate with each other. Is TradingView Safe and Reliable? TradingView is a safe and reliable charting and social networking tool. After finishing your registration process, a free account will provide access to basic graphing, research, and analytical information. However, since just a few brokerages are currently linked to TradingView, most trades must be executed outside of the platform. Can You Trade On Tradingview? Yes, you can trade on TradingView, but only through your broker. Before you sign up for an account, TradingView provides various market data right on the homepage. A ticker for the EUR/USD, BTC/USD, and ETH/USD currency pairs, as well as the Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P 500, are all located in your view. You could either trade these assets directly or simply use the information you have to trade them at your broker. How To Trade Directly on TradingView TradingView primarily works with brokers to execute trades. Still, you can buy and sell on TradingView with its Paper Trading simulator, where trades are simulated on their servers, and no broker account is required. However, we recommend sticking to a broker and using a platform similar to TradingView for your analysis. Best Browser for TradingView TradingView works on most modern browsers. Just make sure you have your software updated to the latest version, and you'll have no problem using it. Consider using the following browsers: ChromeFirefoxSafariInternet Explorer 11Microsoft Edge How Much Does It Cost to Trade On Tradingview? The pricing plan at TradingView is simple. Although TradingView Basic is free, the Pro-Versions range from $14.95 to $29.95 per month. Traders who want to screen even more markets can pay up to $60 per month for TradingView Premium. Keep in mind that a 16% discount is available on a yearly subscription. Of course, the free edition is a great place to start at. Then, the monthly membership is the most cost-effective option once you've decided that TradingView is the right choice for you. You'll be more versatile this way, even if you need extra features which come with the higher-priced plans. What Brokers Work with TradingView? In the following list, you can find the best broker for TradingView that's also suited for your needs: TradeStationFOREXcomFXCMAlpacaeToro Trading ViewAMPEZMarkets If none of the mentioned brokers are available in your country, consider contacting TradingView customer support or check for more details on their website. Best TradingView Alternatives MetaTrader MetaTrader 4 and 5 are the most widely used trading platforms, allowing you to trade Forex, stocks, futures, and cryptos. It provides enhanced technical and fundamental price analysis tools, automated trading systems (trading robots), and copy-trading (trading signals). TradingView vs. Investing TradingView is great for charting, but is a website primarily used for predicting the market and spotting prices before the market opens. Still, TradingView is a far superior tool when compared to Investing, simply because it has better tools. TradingView vs.Stockcharts Stockcharts is a convenient tool you can use to track and predict the market, but it doesn't come near the same level as TradingView. In addition to being lackluster in features, charting and tracking the market is more difficult than at TradingView. Alternatives of TradingView for Crypto Good Crypto Good Crypto allows you to trade on more than 30 of the world's top cryptocurrency exchanges either through the website or app. In addition to basic charting formulas, you can use advanced trading tools like complex order types, portfolio tracking, intelligent alerts, and trade automation. Although Good Crypto is good, it's not one of the best apps like TradingView. Protrader Protrader is an excellent crypto trading and analysis platform used mostly by experienced traders. The trading platform offers a diverse set of tools you can use, but many regard it as not being beginner-friendly. Is TradingView Worth It? If charting and technical analysis are what you are looking for, then TradingView is definitely worth it. Although TradingView is one of the best low-cost web charting platforms, there are other alternatives primarily designed for experienced traders, like ProTrader and MT4.
Man comparing results of different trading platforms
PlatformseToro vs. AvaTrade: Compare Products, Features, Fees, & MoreWith the stock market being more accessible than ever, many discussions arise for the best forex broker and investment platform overall. In our AvaTrade and eToro review below, you'll get the chance to learn all there is about these brokers. Founded in 2006, eToro Ltd is a Europe-based broker regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), with a cross-border license from the CySEC. This trading platform offers its services in the member states of Europe and outside. Similarly, AvaTrade is a legit and regulated broker, holding a license from multiple authorities worldwide. Many traders question themselves "Is AvaTrade safe and legit?". Yes, the broker has received approval from many licensing bodies, including the Central Bank of Ireland, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), and the Financial Services Commission of South Africa (FSCA). Continue reading our eToro and AvaTrade review to learn more. What Products Does eToro Offer? eToro has an incredibly vast range of investment assets. These include CFDs of: Fiat currency pairs (forex).Commodities.Indices.Stocks.Cryptocurrencies. What Products Does AvaTrade Offer? Just like eToro, AvaTrade also has a vast range of products, but AvaTrade's is slightly bigger. In fact, you can access over 1300 CFD instruments of the following assets and more: Forex pairsIndicesStocksBondsETFsAvaTrade Bitcoin Trading eToro vs. AvaTrade Fees Comparison How Does Avatrade's Fees Work? While most transactions at AvaTrade are free, including both deposits and withdrawals, the broker charges a $50 quarterly inactivity fee after three months. The AvaTrade minimum deposit is set at $100, and the minimum withdrawal ranges from $10 to $400, depending on the payment method of your choice. Most AvaTrade problems usually arise when it comes to withdrawals, as they can occasionally be slow. How Does eToro's Fees Work? On the other hand, eToro's minimum deposit is set at $30, while all bank transfer deposits must be at least $500. For a corporate account first-time deposit, you will require a minimum of $10,000 to register. Unlike AvaTrade, eToro charges additional fees for withdrawals, though they're low, set at $5. eToro also has a $10 monthly inactivity fee, which is slightly lower than AvaTrade's. Payment Methods eToro Payments Regarding payment methods, eToro accepts credit/debit cards, PayPal, and e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller as payment options. The accepted currencies at eToro are the USD, EUR, and AUD, as the broker does not accept cryptos. Avatrade Payments On the other hand, AvaTrade accepts Bitcoin, credit/debit cards, WebMoney, PayPal, and wire transfers. You can also deposit using e-wallet solutions, like Boleto, Neteller, and Skrill. eToro vs. AvaTrade Feature Comparison Although the two are nearly equal in features, we think eToro is still the winner, since AvaTrade is slightly lacking with its trading features and tools. eToro's Features Investment Assets: As a broker, eToro provides a complex platform that provides CFDs of cryptos, stocks, and indices for traders coming from non-restricted countries. Technical Analysis & Market Research Tool: There's also a convenient tool suited for experienced traders, called the eToro ProCharts, which is highly useful for technical analysis and market research of the eToro stock list. Copy-Trading Friendly: Of course, the major attraction of eToro as a broker is the copy-trading mechanic. It allows its users to passively mimic all the buy and sell orders of successful investors. The system behind the eToro trading platform also offers peer-to-peer communication with a messaging tool, a media feed, and other add-ons. To become eligible for eToro's copy-trading feature, you have to invest at least $200 in your eToro wallet. Avatrade's Features Automated Copy Trading: It's also worth noting that AvaTrade offers copy-trading, as you can automatically copy top-performing traders using third-party signal providers like ZuluTrade and DupliTrade. Still, AvaTrade's copy trading is not nearly on the same level as eToro's, since the selection of signal providers is significantly lower. Features MT4: One major flaw of eToro is that it doesn't feature trading through MetaTrader 4. On the other hand, AvaTrade MT4 is featured for both mobile devices and PCs. Leverage: Diving into further detail, some users are disappointed by eToro's leverage, as its highest is 2:1 for cryptos, 5:1 for equities, 10:1 for commodities, 20:1 for minors, and 30:1 for the major currencies. The maximum available AvaTrade leverage is 400 to 1. However, if your account is held within the European Union, this ratio is reduced to a maximum of 30:1. eToro vs. AvaTrade Customer Support Comparison Avatrade's Customer Support AvaTrade is the clear winner when it comes to customer service. In addition to offering support through a web form, AvaTrade's customer service team can be contacted at over 50 phone numbers worldwide, and there have been no AvaTrade complaints about the staff. The support team behind AvaTrade works 24/5 during trading hours but is available 24/7 when it comes to cryptos. eToro's Customer Support On the other hand, eToro offers support via email and telephone. You could also consider opening a ticket at eToro's help center, though you would have to wait for a reply from the staff. So, is AvaTrade better than eToro? In the customer support - yes, but not quite not in the other sections. eToro vs. AvaTrade Mobile App Comparison AvaTradeGO Mobile App AvaTrade has the AvaTradeGO mobile app, offering access to most of MT4's sophisticated tools and features. With the app, you can do almost everything as if you were on the website, including registration, transactions, and social trading. eToro Mobile App eToro's mobile app also deserves praise, as it's incredibly user-friendly and a great way to carry your portfolio in your pocket. Just like with AvaTrade's app, all features available on PC are implemented here too. Is eToro or AvaTrade Better? While it's difficult to choose a clear-cut winner, we think that eToro is the better choice for beginner and intermediate investors. The entire social-trading mechanic is simply too much to miss out on if you're just starting out, so we would recommend getting the most out of it before diving deep into the market. AvaTrade is also an excellent choice, though the broker is better for experienced traders and investors.
MetaTrader 4 app
Trading servicesCan You Use MetaTrader 4 With IQ Option?The online finance industry has produced a myriad of digital tools and technologies to enable investors to participate in financial markets conveniently, efficiently, and affordably. Over the last decade, institutional and armchair traders have taken advantage of these mechanisms to improve their investing prowess and pad their portfolio's returns and bottom line. Be it foreign exchange or commodities, what are some of these features anyway, especially when you compare IQ Option vs. MT4? What Is MetaTrader 4 Used For? MetaTrader 4, commonly known as MT4, is a free electronic trading platform. Since its development and release in 2005, it has become widely known as a platform utilized by online retail forex speculative traders due to its technical analysis, flexibility, and algorithmic and mobile trading software. MT4 can be used for trading more than currencies. It supports a wide array of markets, such as commodities (through CFDs), indices, cryptocurrencies, and stocks. Also, traders can now partake in MT4 binary options trading. What Is IQ Option Used For? IQ Option is one of many online trading platforms that have blossomed since it arrived on the scene in 2013. The website allows clients to trade many different assets and financial instruments, including cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and binary options. Can You Use MetaTrader4 With IQ Option? At this time, IQ Option clients cannot use MetaTrader 4 on the platform. The company has chosen to create its own investment infrastructure similar to MT4 that offers many analysis tools and trading robots. So, unfortunately, there is no IQ Option MT4 plugin right now. Which Brokers Support MetaTrader4? Although there is no way to trade IQ option on MT4 for the time being, the world is your oyster. It is estimated that more than 300 brokers worldwide have installed the MetaTrader 4 system onto their platforms. Sure, you may not use MT4 for IQ Option; you can utilize it on many different websites. Unsure which to pick? Here are some of the best in 2021 and 2022: FP MarketsAvaTradeLiteForexPepperstoneIC Markets It is not only IQ Option vs. MetaTrader. It is MT4 versus the world.
eToro Platinum Tier: The Benefits and Requirements
PlatformseToro Platinum Tier: The Benefits and RequirementseToro is a UK-based company established in 2007. It has more than 17 million registered users worldwide and is a forex exchange platform that also offers tools for crypto trading. Customers can also trade contracts for differences (CFDs), stocks, indices, and commodities. The platform allows investors to make day trade as well as long-term investments. To use eToro, one first has to register and be verified as an authentic user. eToro users can also join the eToro Club, a loyalty program that offers a broad range of tools and services to improve the trading experience with various membership tiers: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Platinum+, and Diamond. The higher the level of the eToro loyalty program, the more benefits the investor gets, including low-interest rates on a credit line, exemption from withdrawal fees, educated investment options, and a dedicated accounts manager, just to name a few. Are you interested in attaining Platinum status? Let's get acquainted with the eToro platinum tier. eToro Platinum and Platinum+ Tier Requirements How Do I Upgrade My eToro Membership? The most basic club membership level is silver, where you need equity of less than $5,000. If you wish to upgrade your membership level, all you have to do is contact customer service. Your membership will be verified after you can answer a few security questions. Once you decide on the membership tier, you will be asked to submit the required amount of money via your bank, and the process is complete. As soon as the money is deposited, your account will be upgraded to your new membership status. How Do I Upgrade to Platinum? Have you got the Platinum membership? You can become an eToro Platinum member. All you need to have is equity or an investment of $25,000. Platinum members get the same benefits as Gold members, plus include the following that can even help you make educated investment decisions: Access to the club dashboard.Direct access to a customer service agent, including live chat.Summary of daily markets for market analysis purposes.Participation in live webcasts.Access to exclusive copy portfolios.Crypto stalking.Zero withdrawal fees.Trading central research and analysis platform. Discount on exchange fees. How Do I Upgrade to Platinum+? To acquire eToro Platinum+ membership, you need to have equity or an investment of $50,000. Platinum+ members get the same benefits as platinum members, plus a few extras that include the following: Wall Street Journal subscription.Tickets to handpicked sporting events.Premium access to leading digital financial publications.Video call with your account manager. eToro Platinum vs. Platinum+ Tier Benefits What is the main difference between eToro Platinum and Platinum+? For one thing, Platinum+ eToro provides a supreme customer experience. If you have any doubts about your investing or have a query, all you have to do is make a video call and speak to your dedicated accounts manager. More importantly, you are provided with up-to-date financial information to know what commodities or stocks to invest in. So, ultimately, the key difference between Platinum and Platinum+ is that it comes to customer service. Indeed, you will always have the support and assistance of an experienced manager to guide you. eToro Platinum vs. Platinum+: Which Is Better? When you access the Platinum tier on eToro, both Platinum and Platinum+ possess features designed to improve your knowledge in trading and how to make successful investments. Once you are a Platinum member, you can receive current market data, enabling you to make a smart investment choice. Whether you select Platinum or Platinum+ membership depends on your personal preferences and affordability. In the end, you can always start with Platinum, and once you feel comfortable, you may upgrade to Platinum+. Why Should You Bother About eToro’s Platinum Tiers? Investing with eToro is a long-term activity and will not make you wealthy overnight. Financial investment requires in-depth market knowledge, experience, and patience. Platforms like eToro provide you with the tools to be a successful investor. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Platinum or a Platinum +. First, the key is to understand how the market works and then go up the tiers as per your portfolio growth and experience. Remember, as you become more familiar and comfortable with the financial markets, you can utilize the myriad of advantages offered from eToro's Platinum tiers. It's confidence - just confidence.
Transfer Crypto: eToro to Binance and Binance to eToro
CryptoTransfer Crypto: eToro to Binance and Binance to eToroInterest in cryptocurrency and online trading continues to increase. However, it is important for investors to select the right trading platforms to be successful. Understanding how a trading platform works, what features it offers, its fee structure, and other important parameters are essential to making successful trades. Two popular cryptocurrency platforms these days are Binance and eToro. Both of them operate similarly - that is - they permit traders to send or receive assets. However, how transactions are done is different for each of them. Here is a brief overview of Binance and eToro and how these two platforms can help your investing endeavors. Overview of Binance vs. eToro Indeed, eToro deals with multiple assets and allows you to invest in cryptocurrency and stocks as well as trading in contracts for differences. On the other hand, Binance is a highly reputable crypto exchange platform that offers bitcoins. Overall, both of these platforms offer investors access to major crypto-assets like ether, Bitcoin, and Ripple. However, if you are interested in investing in smaller altcoins, Binance may be a more suitable option for you. If you want high-level financial instruments and broader investment opportunities, eToro is a much more reliable platform. How to Use These Trading Platforms for the Transfer of Assets? Whether you use Binance or eToro, you need to register on their platform first. Only after your registration is deemed authentic can you start making trades. Can You Transfer Cryptocurrency from eToro to Other Trading Platforms? Yes, you can transfer crypto assets from eToro to other trading platforms or an external wallet with no hassle as long as they are supported by the eToro Money crypto wallet. It should be noted that eToro wallet supports various currencies, including Bitcoin Cash, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and Stellar. The transfer can be undertaken via an app on your smartphone (Android or iPhone). When you log in using the app, your username and password will need to match your trading account on eToro. It is important to note that with eToro, the transfer of crypto assets can only be done one way. For example, any currency transferred from your eToro platform cannot be transferred back. How to Transfer From eToro So, how do you go about transferring your crypto holdings from eToro to Binance? Here is a step-by-step breakdown for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, and any other virtual token that is available on the platform: Log into your eToro account and sign in.Hit the "Portfolio" tab on your account.Select the cryptocurrency you wish to send under the "Crypto" tab.Click on "Send."Be sure to insert the correct address and hit "Send." How Long Does the Transfer Take? The one downside to asset transfer from eToro is the time. It can take up to five days to process the transaction. In addition, you may be asked to provide further documentation if the transfer appears questionable. Also, no requests are processed during long holidays and weekends. What are the Withdrawal Fees on eToro? All requests for withdrawal on the eToro platform cost $5. There are additional conversion fees if you are using a currency other than the U.S. dollar, such as the euro, British pound, or Canadian dollar. Also, it should be noted that you could be charged by the funding provider involved in the transfer, such as the credit card provider, the receiving bank, or the intermediary bank. Can You Transfer Cryptocurrency from Binance to Other Trading Platforms? Just like eToro, it is relatively easy to transfer crypto-assets using Binance to other trading platforms. The key is to register first. Once your account is authenticated, you are all set to go. How to Transfer Here is a step-by-step breakdown to transfer your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, and other cryptocurrencies from your Binance wallet to your eToro account: Log into your Binance account.Select "Wallet," Hit "Overview"Tap "Withdraw"Choose the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw.Pick the network you want to use that matches the network as your eToro receipt address. How Long Does the Transfer Take? The one major difference between Binance and eToro is the speed of transfer of funds. With Binance, the transaction may take less than 30 minutes. Only in rare cases, a transaction is delayed, either because of verification or due to the need to use multiple network confirmations. This advantage is not offered by eToro. What are the Withdrawal Fees on Binance? There are withdrawal fees when using Binance, and they cover the cost of the transaction. The cost of this fee varies from $1 to $15 per transaction. Users can pay the fees with the cryptocurrency equivalent of $1 to $15. Conclusion Binance is cheaper than eToro when it comes to withdrawal fees, but eToro offers more payment options. Overall, both trading platforms are secure, safe, and have a good reputation. The trick is to identify your trading goals and your key currencies of interest. After that, the selection process relies primarily on the features that are important to you. With so much competition in this area, most trading platforms are equally good when it comes to transaction fees. There are differences in speed of transactions and currency transfers. Still, again, the choice of platform with respect to these factors is dependent on your needs and financial goals, and investment experience.
24Option online trading platform
Platforms24Option Review: Account Types, CFDs, Safety, and More24Option is primarily a binary and options broker created by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Board in 2008 and has its offices in Limassol, Cyprus. In its beginning, 24Option began as a pure binary options broker, but it has recently added other, mostly commercial, assets and tools you can access on their website. In addition to binary and options assets, 24Option offers other assets, like CFD stocks and Forex, some of the most popular assets. 24Option Account Information For newly registered traders, 24Option trading offers 4 distinct types of accounts, which include Basic Account A good choice for beginner and intermediate traders. The minimum balance required for this account type is $250, but the benefits you receive are minimal. With a Basic account, you'll get beginner-friendly educational material and daily news. Gold Account Users of the Gold account get access to two lessons regarding trading strategies, and access to one webinar per month. The minimum balance required to have a Gold account is $5,000 Platinum Account Traders with a Platinum account get better trade prices, three strategies for advanced traders, and access to two webinars per month. Additionally, the trading prices are significantly better when compared to the other account types. You'll also get three free withdrawals each month. VIP Account The VIP account is limited to a small percentage of traders, as it requires a minimum account balance of $50,000. With a VIP account, you get five advanced lessons and five monthly webinars with experts, in addition to unlimited withdrawals. You'll also get to contact a 24Option account manager. The broker also provides its traders with the option to establish a demo account in a risk-free environment and test their tactics. Minimum Deposit and Withdrawals To sum it up with some details: The minimum deposit 24Option required is set at $250, with equivalents in other currencies. For payouts, remember that 24Option withdrawals are reimbursed at the deposit source. Thus, your 24Option investment can only be returned using the same payment method as the deposit one. Regarding withdrawal fees, they're usually set at around 2-3%, depending on your withdrawal method and account type. How Do You Withdraw Money From 24Option? The withdrawal process at 24Option is simple. Follow the next steps: Log in to your 24Option accountAccess the Banking menuClick the Withdrawal tabEnter the amount you wish to withdrawFill in the required fields Hit Withdraw Is the 24Option App Worth It? The 24Option mobile app is an easy-to-use mobile trading platform, which is available for downloads on Android, and iOS devices, and is free. Once you tried it, you'll notice that the app has a clean, straightforward design, and is intuitive to use. The big blocks and buttons make the app easy to operate, so even new users will find it simple. In the app's UI, you'll find other useful info, like trading hours and real-time updates. All in all, we think that the trading app is an excellent addition to 24Option’s variety of services. Each version has been developed to make use of the entire range of features on several devices, offering all Android and iPhone users a tailored experience. How Do You Trade With 24Option? Even in the rather basic industry of binary, Forex, and CFD trading, 24Option did its best to be distinctive. The design of this trading platform's website is in line with the brand, being easy to use and operate. Starting from account creation, the 24Option registration process is quite simple, taking only a couple of steps to complete. After finishing it, you can easily access the website and go have a great trading experience. Types of Assets Available The types of trades you can do can be found in the menu in the upper left corner, including convenient ones like stop-loss trading. Here, you can choose from 24 Option Forex and 24Option CFD assets. You can also use MetaTrader 4 when trading at 24Option. Information of Corresponding Assets Later, the corresponding assets will be displayed below. Whichever you select, the asset's information and price chart on the right will be shown and updated in real-time. The trading area is also well-design, but the amount of data offered could be overwhelming. On the website, you can always see other important details, like your history of closed transactions and the profits you've acquired. Provide a Signal Service It's also worth mentioning that users have access to the 24Option signal service through the website. Still, remember that 24Option Forex signals should be regarded with some precaution. Of course, they can be an extra instrument to confirm or potentially close certain transactions. You can find 24Option's signal services under the "Open Trade" button, on the label "Trading Alerts". Free Instructional Material for Beginner Traders On its website, beginner traders can largely benefit from the whole instructional material offered. In fact, 24Option UK offers free access to big publications on popular subjects like day-to-day market and technical analysis. Is 24Option Legit? 24Option is legit and a regulated broker. They offer the high-quality services that they advertise, and the customer experience here is above-average. All in all, we think that this trading platform is trustworthy and probably worth a shot. Doing banking with this broker is also quite convenient, as 24Option withdrawals are payable at request. In one sentence, we're confident that 24Option is a safe and worthwhile broker.
Withdrawing from BitMart: Limits, Fees, Issues, and How-To
PlatformsWithdrawing from BitMart: Limits, Fees, Issues, and How-ToBitMart has become one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges today, despite launching in 2017. Whether you are searching for the best exchange tailored to your needs or you have joined the BitMart family and have some questions to ask, we have compiled a guide on the basics. From wondering how to withdraw USDT from BitMart to your bank account or curious about the withdrawal fees on Bitmart, we have got you covered. How to Withdraw From BitMart Knowing how to withdraw funds from BitMart is as easy as one-two-three. All it takes is a few clicks. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the process: Log in to your BitMart account.Click "Withdraw" on the upper right corner or hit "Balances" on the left side column.Whether you want to withdraw Bitcoin or Ether, hit "Withdraw" for the cryptocurrency of your choosing.Insert the address and the amount and click "Withdraw." But does BitMart have withdrawal issues for transferring funds to your bank account? While BitMart does possess different limits and fees for withdrawals, you can withdraw your Bitcoin in U.S. dollars. Or, if you're ok facing withdrawal fees on BitMart, you can complete a wire transfer out of Bitmart that costs $50. Wait a minute. That's it? Most certainly! After you have incurred capital gains and losses, does the money go to your wallet? It should be noted that BitMart is an exchange and not a wallet, and users are urged to utilize a hardware wallet. Moreover, BitMart controls hot and cold wallets: only 0.5% of the company's assets are stored in a hot wallet for daily operations, while the remaining are placed in an offline wallet. BitMart Withdrawal Fees BitMart does possess withdrawal limits, and some say that BitMart fees are high. But you be the judge based on this list of the withdrawal costs associated with some of the more popular virtual tokens around: Bitcoin (BTC) 0.005 minimum withdrawal0.0005 BTC withdrawal fee Ethereum (ETH) 0.01 minimum withdrawal0.005 to 0.2 ETH withdrawal fee Tether (USDT) 10 minimum withdrawal2 USDT withdrawal fee BitMart Token (BMX) 500 minimum withdrawal50 to 100 BMX withdrawal fee Stellar (XLM) 100 minimum withdrawal0.01 XLM withdrawal fee EOS (EOS) 5 EOS minimum withdrawal0.2 EOS withdrawal fee Ripple (XRP) 0 minimum withdrawal0.2 XRP withdrawal fee Avalanche (AVAX) 2 minimum withdrawal0.1 AVAX withdrawal fee Solana (SOL) 0.5 minimum withdrawal0.01 sol withdrawal fee Cardano (ADA) 40 minimum withdrawal1 ADA withdrawal fee Dogecoin (DOGE) 500 minimum withdrawal6 DOGE minimum withdrawal Ultimately, withdrawal fees are routinely modified based on blockchain conditions. Moreover, if you're ok facing withdrawal fees on BitMart, you could complete a bank wire transfer that costs $50. Limits of Withdrawing From Bitmart For the most part, the BitMart withdrawal time can take up to 12 hours to fully process. Plus, it can take up to three business days for the transaction to clear. However, there are circumstances whereby there might be some technical mishaps that could add to the time, such as you can't withdraw from BitMart or a BitMart withdrawal is restricted. When these withdrawal issues occur, knowing how long a BitMart withdrawal takes could be anyone's guess. Because BitMart makes the tax filing process as simple as possible, you do not need to worry about the website being shut down by the authorities and your BitMart withdrawal getting greyed out. The BitMart ecosystem facilitates tax filing to the Internal Revenue Service easy to do. The Bottom Line Let's be honest: Every cryptocurrency exchange, trading platform, or wallet will have its own series of restrictions, fees, and limits. This is why it is important to equip yourself with the knowledge to ensure you have selected the best avenue for your crypto needs. So, whether it is learning how to cash out on BitMart or finding out how to withdraw XRP from BitMart, always do your due diligence!
The Wheel Options Strategy: Profitability and How To Use It
Trading-strategyThe Wheel Options Strategy: Profitability and How To Use ItThe Wheel Strategy is a systematic means of selling cash-safe calls as part of an ongoing options trading strategy. Putting it simply for our less educated readers, you continue to sell stock options to create monthly revenue. Generally, this works by selling CSPs (cash-secured put) for the collection of the option premium repeatedly. Once your stock has ultimately been called off, you must sell your shares and start selling additional cash-secured items on the same, or possibly other stock. Is the Wheel Strategy Profitable? When it comes to the stock wheel strategy approach, there are several conceivable results. While the wheel approach might be beneficial, the dangers of selling OTM (out of the money) products and buying/selling these stocks must be recognized. The Different Outcomes Option Wheel Strategy Undetected Loss One possible result is that your stock is purchased and the stock is still falling, and you will have an undetected loss if this happens. In addition, ownership utilizes far more influence than sales choices. When you’ve purchased a stock for the long-term, you will effectively collect the benefits from selling the OTM-based invitations on shares and generate extra revenue. However, when the stock's call options are exhausted, you will keep selling further calls to maintain the “wheel” rotation. It's best recommended to sell OTM calls with an expiration of two weeks. Stocks Trade Above Strike Price When Selling an OTM A further conceivable result is that the stock starts trading above the strike prices of your puts when you sell an OTM. This way, you will keep the premium you earned when you sell the put option, then wait until the option expires, and finally restart the “wheel” by selling a set OTM. Once Equity Has Been Allocated Another possible outcome is that the stock starts trading above the strike price of your call option, once you have been allocated equity. If this happens, you will keep the premium from the calling options you sell and take advantage of the increase in the base stock, until the call option’s price strikes and sell the shares at the call option’s price strike. In such a case, you will profit from the sale of the original stack, the sale of calls, and also the appreciation of the capital and price increases of your underlying stock and sell the shares at a price of the call options. Is It Profitable? When you're done with purchasing stocks, you can start the wheel again by selling options for OTM placing. The wheel trading strategy approach may generally be successful, however, many experts think that it is not the most effective trading technique. Still, the average return wheel strategy is somewhere around 28%. How to Trade the Wheel Strategy The wheel options trading strategy is used to collect premiums and it uses a combination of trades. For best results, you should have around $10,000 in cash, and you'll get more with a margin. Some of the best stocks for the wheel strategy include SPY, QQQ, TNA, MSFT, and AMZN. Keep in mind that the following three main trades are crucial if you want to make the most of the stock wheel strategy: Sell an out of the money putGet the shares assignedSell a covered call on those shares In the beginning, start with the sale of money to apply the wheel trading strategy. Keep in mind that the option owner has the right, but not the legal obligation, to own the underlying security at the strike price on or before the expiration date. Then, you'll collect the premium when you sell a placement option, which you may keep independent of the result of your purchase. Should You Trade the Wheel Strategy? It's no secret that transacting with stocks has its own risks. The stock price might drop significantly overnight, leaving your shares with very little value, or you can keep the shares longer than expected. If the wheel strategy sounds too risky for you, consider selling your premium options so that you may profit more consistently.
Businessman reviewing stock platform AvaTrade
PlatformsAvatrade Review: Safety, MT4, Crypto, Social Trading, and MoreAre you interested in signing up for AvaTrade? You're not the only one as the internet-based investment community has exploded over the last two years. The award-winning broker has been one of the premier pioneers in starting and cultivating the online trading industry, allowing investors to get started with forex, stocks, and cryptocurrency. But, with so many other rivals out there, is AvaTrade the best one available? You can decide for yourself with this in-depth breakdown of the AvaTrade trading platform. AvaTrade Account Types AvaTrade has an extensive catalog of accounts for both retail and professional investors. First, it should be noted that these accounts include MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, AvATradeGo, AvAOptions, and DupliTrade. These are some of the most effective and powerful trading mechanisms to maximize your investment strategy. One more thing. Is the AvaTrade MT4 an automated system? Yes! You can also choose to use auto-trading anytime you want. Let's take a look at the AvaTrade account types so you can determine what is right for you and your money: Retail Account The retail account is typically reserved for beginners. This zero-commission account offers leverage of up to 1:400 and a fixed and low AvaTrade spread (starting from 0.9 pips). Also, the Avatrade minimum deposit for this feature is only $100. Professional Account Indeed, the professional account is marketed toward the more seasoned investor. But not everyone can join. Instead, you will need to show trading activity for 12 straight months, a financial portfolio worth approximately $500,000, and relevant industry experience. Because AvaTrade is ASIC regulated, as well as following strict regulations from a plethora of other government agencies and bodies, the website must maintain a series of rules and standards. Other Accounts AvaTrade also provides its clients with a wide range of other accounts, including crypto trading, Islamic investing that follows Sharia Law, and demo accounts (practice investing with virtual funds). Is AvaTrade Legit? Some of the most common questions new investors have are: Is AvaTrade safe? Is AvaTrade regulated? Is AvaTrade legit? The simple answer: Yes, the AvaTrade regulated broker is all of these things - and more! AvaTrade is approved and regulated by multiple tier-1 regulators, four tier-2 regulators, and one tier-3 regulators. Some of these regulation institutions include: Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC)Japanese Financial Services Authority (JFSA)Friedberg DirectInvestment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). One more thing users regularly ask: Is AvaTrade regulated in South Africa? Yes, it is part of the South African market and is regulated by the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority. Ultimately, you will not come across any AvaTrade scams! Which Countries Is AvaTrade Available In? Considering that AvaTrade is an online institution, does it mean that everyone can access its suite of products and services? The good news: AvaTrade is available mostly everywhere. Therefore, you will find AvaTrade in Ireland, Australia, and Malaysia. The bad news: AvaTrade does not accept U.S. clients. It is also unavailable in Iran and Belgium. AvaTrade MT4 MetaTrader 4 is perhaps one of the most powerful trading applications to trade directly from your browser. It is reliable, optimized, functional, fast, and comprehensive. AvaTrade MT4 is perfect for trading financial assets of your choosing — whenever and wherever. AvaTrade Leverage Do you think you possess enough experience and a strong stomach to get involved in leverage trading? This is essentially when you borrow money from a broker to increase your position in AvaTrade stocks or AvaTrade bitcoin. And, yes, AvaTrade offers clients leverage. On both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, you can receive a leverage ratio of up to 30:1. Since the AvaTrade CFD broker allows commodities trading, some metals provide 20:1 leverage and oil will be limited to 10:1 leverage. Just be prepared for a margin call on your AvaTrade leverage! Social Trading on AvaTrade Social trading has turned into one of the most popular components of the digital financial sector. Does AvaTrade have this feature? Yes, copy trading is a prominent feature in the AvaTrade ecosystem. AvaSocial is a social trading application that enables registered users to communicate with others and engage in mirror trading to mimic the trades of the traders that you follow. It is essentially an all-in-one destination for Avatrade signals, chatting, copying, trading, and earning with the experts and your peers. You can also extend your social trading prowess by heading on over to AvaTrade Twitter, which is also a great source if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. AvaTrade Pros and Cons So, in the end, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using AvaTrade as opposed to the alternatives? Here is a brief list of the pros and cons: Pros Account creation is fast and simple to do.Deposit and withdrawal options are free.Maintains a library of research tools.AvaTrade does offer PayPal as a payment method for some countries.Broad asset selection.AvaTrade is well-regulated and offers tremendous oversight. Cons High inactivity fees.Transferring funds to the account could take up to five business days.Withdrawals could take up to ten business days. Best AvaTrade Alternatives If you are not convinced that AvaTrade is one of the best trading platforms around, or its features and tools do not suit what you're looking for, here are some of the more popular alternatives around today. eToroForex.comHenyep Capital Markets (HYCM)IQ OptionPlus500 Remember, this area of the internet-based financial market is immense. With a few Google searches, you could perhaps locate the perfect trading platform that matches everything you are looking for from investing.