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Below are the complete Terms and Conditions that are valid to all users of the Brokereviews website. Users are strongly urged to familiarize themselves with the terms contained herein before using the service provided by the Brokereviews website.

  1. Use the Brokereviews site
  2. The purpose of the Brokereviews website is to provide investors and potential investors in commodities, futures, and other tradeable assets with impartial reviews of online brokerages. Users of this site should be advised that the reviews provided by Brokereviews should not be seen as authoritative, or as anything more than the opinions of the individual reviewers. Any trader investing with one of the brokers reviewed on this site does so at his own risk, and Brokereviews is in no way responsible for financial losses incurred by readers of our reviews.

  3. Access to this site
  4. Brokereviews grants users a limited, non-transferable, and non-exclusive right to view, download, print and bookmark the pages contained herein. These pages are intended exclusively for users’ non-commercial, informational and personal use and display. Users bear the full responsibility for any and all equipment necessary to access the pages of this site, including, but not limited to, obtaining, paying for, maintaining and repairing telephone lines, internet connections, and computers. Users are absolutely forbidden from copying, modifying, displaying, sharing, reproducing, licensing or publishing any of the content, information, services or products obtained from Brokereviews.com without prior express written permission from Brokereviews. We reserve the right to monitor any and all use of the Brokereviews.com website.

    While the website is freely accessible to all, be advised that online trading is forbidden to individuals under the age of 18.

  5. Modifications to Terms and Conditions
  6. Brokereviews reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions contained herein at any time and at its own discretion. When that happens, we will notify users on the site’s home page that we have modified the Terms & Conditions, and it is the responsibility of the users to visit this page and make themselves aware of the changes. The latest revision date will always appear on this Terms and Conditions page.

  7. Third party links
  8. Brokereviews does not accept any responsibility for links to any sites, such as trading brokers and advertisements for products and services that appear on our website. Including these links on our website in no way implies our approval or endorsement of the content of the information, products, or services available through the external sites. Any use and access of these external sites by the users is the sole responsibility of the users. Brokereviews does not accept or bear any responsibility for any loss of money, or misrepresented services or products on any of these third party sites.

  9. Intellectual property
  10. All of the content contained on Brokereviews.com, collectively referred to as the “content,” is the exclusive intellectual property of Brokereviews, and is protected by all applicable copyright laws. This includes, but is not limited to text, logos, audio and video clips, images, buttons, software, and html and xml code. Users may not copy, distribute, display, modify, republish or reproduce any of the content contained on the Brokereviews.com site without the express written permission of Brokereviews.

  11. Privacy policy
  12. Users are encouraged to see the Brokereviews Privacy policy to see how we use whatever personal information that we collect from users of our website. Brokereviews remains committed to the privacy of our users and the security of their confidential information.

  13. Indemnification
  14. By accessing this website, users acknowledge that Brokereviews staff, including directors, managers, officers, agents and employees as well as affiliates are not liable for any losses, liabilities, damages, expenses or other claims (including legal fees) incurred as a result of using the Brokereviews site. This includes any breach of warranties between the users and third party sites.

  15. Jurisdiction
  16. Any disputes that may arise between the user and Brokereviews will fall under United Kingdom jurisdiction, to the exclusion of any courts of law or jurisdiction of the user’s country of residence.

  17. Contact Us
  18. Users of our site are welcome to contact Brokereviews with any questions related either to online trading, or to the specific brokers reviewed by our team of experts.

  19. Risk Disclaimer
  20. As stated in this website’s risk disclaimer, all users must be aware that investing and trading online on leveraged products involves a certain level of risk. Financial markets are susceptible to many outside influences, and one cannot know with absolute certainty how any asset will react to those influences. Users who trade online risk losing some or all of their capital. Traders are strongly advised to take the time to learn enough so that they understand the risks and market trends before investing money.Brokereviews shares the opinions of our writers concerning brokers, but we are not responsible for any activity on those brokers’ websites or trading platforms. However, traders trade at their own risk, and Brokereviews bears no responsibility whatsoever for any funds lost investing on tradable assets with the reviewed brokers.

  21. Miscellaneous
  22. Any failure on the part of Brokereviews to enforce any of the provisions and conditions contained herein shall not be viewed as a waiver to any other provisions or conditions. Rather, the remainder of the Terms & Conditions shall remain in effect.

    Any claims that users have against Brokereviews regarding either the website or the services provided herein, must be filed within 12 months that claim or cause of action occurred. If the claimant waits more than 12 months, the claim will be barred forever.

    By using and accessing the Brokereviews website, users implicitly agree to all Terms and Conditions contained in this document, as well as in the company Privacy Policy.

Last revision – 01.11.2017