What does an eToro personal account manager do for customers?

Asked 3 years ago

Hello fellow traders. I trade using eToro on the basic tier, and I saw that they have an option for having a personal account manager for the platinum plus membership holders. While this sounds pretty cool, I'm hesitant to hand over my account to someone. What would an account manager do for you and your trading account? Would it be worth it?

Andia Rispah Igobwa

Friday, September 10, 2021

eToro's personal account managers assist customers trading on the platform.

They assist with buying, selling, and analyzing investment opportunities and other services not limited to the above.

The eToro account manager also offers a video call service to allow customers to speak with them for free to discuss their financial experience online. The account manager will also monitor the customer's portfolio for any potential risks or problems.

As part of being a Platinum Plus service member, an eToro account manager provides Platinum members with 24/7 support. Platinum members can also contact their eToro account manager by phone to discuss any issues or questions they may have.

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