How long does it take for dividends to be received through eToro?

Asked 3 years ago

According to the distributions calendar for SDIV, the ex-dividend date was 3rd Feb, payment date was 11th Feb. I would have thought that I'd see a "refund" against this trade after 5 months like I do with my other distribution paying ETFs. Is there an issue here, or have you received your dividends?

Andrew Moran

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

You will receive the dividend payment in your eToro trading account on the company's payment date.

It is important remember that you will need to maintain a position in the dividend-paying security on the ex-dividend date in order to receive these monthly or quarterly funds.

One more note: You will need to hold a "BUY" position to receive the dividend payment. If you are in a "SELL" position, the dividend payment will be debited from your balance.

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