Examples of companies on eToro that Nick Sleep would refer to as having “scale savings shared with the customer”?

Asked 3 years ago

I’m currently looking to buy stocks at companies that Nick Sleep would refer to as having “scale savings shared with the customer”. These are businesses that are lowering costs through efficiency and passing those savings onto the customer. Mainly interested in e-commerce/brick and mortar retail atm, but I'm open to other industries. Can anyone give me decent examples that are listed en eToro? So far I have, Amazon, Walmart, Asos, Ollie's bargain outlet, TJX, and Costco.

Andrew Moran

Monday, July 12, 2021

In today's inflationary environment, where nearly every large company is warning that it will pass higher costs onto the consumers, it can be challenging to find companies that pass any savings onto customers.

The companies you already on the list are pretty much some of the stocks that would engage in Nick Sleep's concept. Essentially, any retailer would participate in this process, including Trader Joe's, CVS, and Publix.

But Microsoft is another business that engages in scale savings shared with the customer, mostly through its artificial intelligence practices.

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