Can you use Fidelity for day trading?

Asked 2 years ago

Does Fidelity allow day trading?

Andia Rispah Igobwa

Thursday, November 18, 2021


However, to trade on Fidelity, you must first create an account and fund it. Fidelity offers several different account types, including retirement accounts such as traditional and Roth IRAs, educational accounts such as 529 plans, and regular brokerage accounts.

For day trading, you'll want a regular brokerage account. If you wish to use leverage, choose a margin account; otherwise, choose a cash account to avoid the PDT restrictions.

You'll need to pick an account type, as well. Fidelity offers several trading platforms, including ActiveTraderPro, which is a powerful system.

You can access the trading platform via a web browser, and the mobile app for iOS and Android devices is available. However, you'll want the ActiveTraderPro platform's tools if you're a day trader.

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