The Best Trading Signal Providers on Trading Platforms and Social Media

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Published July 26, 2021.

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Since the early days of the financial markets, every investor — retail and institutional — has attempted to attain an advantage to earn a profit. In today's digital age and the era of big data, it is easier than ever to gather a treasure trove of information to guide you to execute the right trades, be it in stocks or foreign exchange.

Trading signals are a crucial component of being a successful investor. These are essential triggers for buying or selling an investment based on specific criteria, such as volumes, earnings reports, P/E ratios, debt-to-equity, and many others.

Of course, knowing what the best trading signals are can be the $64,000 question. Indeed, one might be great for, let's say, Tesla Motors. However, it might not be great to gauge McDonald's.

Now that you are equipped with a fundamental understanding of this critical aspect of investing, the next step is becoming acquainted with the best signal providers. Let's explore.

What are Trading Signals?

Investors - retail or institutional - are always trying to attain an advantage in the market by combing through data, finding technical indicators, and believing what the experts have to say. Others, unfortunately, get the FOMO and begin trading blind.

The best way to avoid this is by utilizing trading signals.

Trading signals are triggers to buy or sell an investment, from stocks to forex. They are quite common, whether it is an earnings report for a Fortunate 500 company or moving averages.

Many might think these are magic beans, but there is a science, for the most part, to trading in the financial markets. Put simply, you can maximize your positions and turn a profit by incorporating trading signals into your campaign.

But should you spend money to acquire trading signals? Are trading signals worth it? It might depend on your skillset.

If you are a seasoned trader, you might have a toolbox of reliable trading signals that you have employed for many years. If you are a neophyte to buying and selling securities, you may not be aware of the common signals, requiring you to depend on other experts.

What Is a Trading Signal Provider?

A trading signal provider is an individual or company that lets other traders follow their trading activities on their personal or corporate trading accounts.

Social trading consists of letting investors monitor the trading behaviors of their fellow investors and professional traders. Many of these experts will offer social trading signals on their social media accounts or websites that specialize in this industry. A stock trading signal service will publish investing ideas through social media outlets or third-party platforms.

The Best Trading Signal Providers


MetaTrader 4 was initially designed for online foreign exchange platforms. It was pioneering technology, and it continues to serve as an imperative function on a broad array of outlets. That said, MT4 is one of the best signal providers since it enables you to automatically mirror the transactions executed by other traders in real-time.

Put simply, this signal performs most of the work based on the trading parameters you outlined.


Under the AvaTrade ecosystem, account holders are given free access to MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5) signals. This is one of the largest automated trading communities in the world, making it easy and simple to dip your toe in forex and CFD trading on the internet.

Take a look at our AvaTrade review.


Ultimately, eToro is perhaps the premier social trading signals provider on the web today. For users interested in getting their digital hands on these signals, all you need to do is click on the plus sign button to add the top eToro traders and receive real-time signals of every update on their accounts.

Take a look at our eToro review.


easyMarkets has devised one of the most effective stock trading signal services on the web. It accomplished this with Trading Central, a unique system that utilizes mathematical models and a wide range of alerts and ideas to determine price direction and targets and direction confirmation.

Considering that it has accumulated a large number of five-star reviews, traders must be satisfied!

Take a look at our easyMarkets review.

The Best Trading Signal Providers on Social Media


For many novice investors, the go-to source for trading signals and "to the moon" trades is Reddit's WallStreetBets. However, for those who can better navigate social networks, it is Telegram and Twitter - and many say Facebook nowadays. The former has evolved into a popular destination for many young traders who want to learn from their peers, find early opportunities, and engage in the finance community.

Best Trading Signal Channels on Telegram

  • Crypto Binance Trading (@Crypto_Binance_Trading)
  • Trade Signal Arena (@BitcoinTrader58)
  • Intraday Trading Equity Stock (@Intraday_Trading_Equity_Stock1)
  • Trading & Financial News (@TradingFinance)
  • Banknifty Nifty Stock Option (@banknifty_nifty_banknifty_nifty)

Now let's explore the best Twitter profiles for your investment needs.


The FinTwit community is vast, so trying to locate the cream of the crop for social trading signals can be challenging. That said, it is a type of art form trying to separate the legitimate users on Twitter, whether Twitter crypto trading signal providers or the best stock signal providers, from the grifters. It might be challenging at first, but you will eventually get a hang of it. But here is a bit of a cheat sheet to get you started.

Best Trading Signal Channels on Twitter

  • ANBESSA (@Anbessa100)
  • Nathan Michaud (@investorslive)
  • CryptoBullet (@CryptoBullet)
  • Shawn Catena (@tradertvshawn)
  • NIKA (@G_maker)


Many people might view Facebook as a place to share cat photos, engage in political fights, and check on your ex-partner's relationship status. However, it is also a decent source as a share trading signal provider and even real-time trading signals outlet. But what are the accounts for the top trading signals?

Best Trading Signal Channels on Facebook

  • Paul Tudor Jones (@paultudorjones08)
  • Peter L Brandt (@peterbrandtofficial)
  • John Bollinger (@OfficialJohnBollinger)

Best Forex Social Trading Signals

In recent times, the use and popularity of social media have increased quite significantly. Forex social trading signals are an innovative option that capitalizes on these platforms by creating networks that allow investors to connect and interact, just like people connect on s social network like Facebook.

The only difference is that on a forex social trading network, the topic of discussion is trading. Traders share their vision and strategies and their trading signals with people within their social network, and those people benefit from the expertise of successful traders.

Some of the best forex trading signals can be found through TradingFloor, eToro, and Tradeo platforms.

Best CFD Trading Signals

CFD stands for Contract for Differences.

A CFD is basically a derivative contract between a buyer and a seller. CFDs allow traders to speculate against a change in the value of an asset rather than investing in the asset itself. CFD trading signals facilitate traders by eliminating the effort that they would need to put manually to speculate the performance of financial markets.

CFD signals cover forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies and allow traders to follow pre-set strategies that would help them make profitable trades.

Some of the top CFD trading signal providers include Axi,, LegacyFX, and FXChoice.

Best Crypto Trading Signal Providers

Cryptocurrency has taken over the financial sector by storm. Everybody is fascinated with investing in cryptocurrencies and engaging in crypto trading.

But since this is a relatively new field, traders can benefit from pros who have greater expertise in crypto trading.

Some of the best crypto trading signal providers include:

  • Crypto Rand Group
  • Fat Pig Signals
  • Rocket Wallet

These platforms provide interested traders with helpful information from professionals who are active in the crypto scene.

In particular, the Crypto Rand account on Twitter is handled by experts in cryptocurrencies and projects a true sense of community for their members.

Similarly, Fat Pig Signals is quite well known on Telegram as one of the most effective Bitcoin signal providers.

Best Stocks Trading Signals

Stock signals are indicators of profitable trading opportunities so that investors could get the most up-to-date and reliable information on the basis of which they could place their trades.

Stock signals offer several advantages:

  • Save investors from losses.
  • Guide traders toward the right investment.
  • Ensure that investors get to know about opportunities they would have otherwise missed.

Stock signals are particularly useful for novice traders as they can help them get a hand at trading stocks. Stock signals are also useful as they ensure investors don’t waste hours researching and conducting technical analysis.

Some of the best stock trading signal providers consist of:

  • Elliot Wave Forecast
  • Motley Fool
  • Learn 2 Trade
  • Technical Trading Signals
  • Mindful Traders

Best Free Trading Signal Providers

As the use of online trading platforms expands, access to wider trading products as well as free trading signals has also increased.

Many people wonder if free trading signals are reliable or legit and whether traders should use them or take decisions based on free information.

The fact is that for new traders, free trading signals can provide them with some basic education about the world of trading. Since they are new to trading, it makes sense for them not to invest or pay fees for premium signals without understanding what this world entails.

Not all free trading signals are equal, though. That said, some of the best free trading signal providers:

  • Learn 2 Trade
  • 1000pipBuilder
  • MQL5
  • ForexGDP

Past Success Means Guaranteed Profits?

Every trading platform, investment professional, and stock trading signal service will offer the same warning: past success does not guarantee future profits. This is something that every trader needs to remember, especially when they are putting all their eggs in one basket on one particular trader or platform. By doing your due diligence and coalescing your information with the information of the trader you are following, you can be confident in the decision you have made.