How to Identify a Good Investment Company

By Sofia Thai
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published April 23, 2021.

How to Identify a Good Investment Company main image

As online investing becomes increasingly popular, many investment companies have sprung up on the Internet. So in this article, we will examine what factors you should consider when choosing an investment company.


Firstly, it's important to investigate the background of an investment company before committing. Generally speaking, it is better to opt for an established investment company, but this doesn't necessarily apply if you find a relatively new market entrant that has serious credibility.

Licensing / Registration

Licensing and registration are also particularly important. It's vital to ensure that your investment company of choice has all of the required licensing agreements in place.

Online / Mobile, etc.

Most investors nowadays choose to use both mobile and desktop platforms, so it is worthwhile to clarify that your investment company supports both of these options.


If you're a beginner in investment, it is important to ensure that you pick a user-friendly investment company. This can vary quite significantly from one company to another, so seeking out any online reviews is worthwhile.


Any investment company will charge fees for their services, so it's important to clarify precisely what you will be paying before signing on the dotted line. Make sure that you read all of the small print, as some fees can be hidden and you don't want any nasty surprises once you have made a tidy profit.

Track Record

Finally, the track record of any investment company that you opt for is critically important. There may be online information about how successful they have been in creating profit, or they may even include this data on their website. The more successful the company has been in the past, the better it is for your investments.