Crypto & Forex CFD Trading: Best Platforms by App & Country

Andrew Moran
By Andrew Moran
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published September 30, 2021.

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In order to determine what is the best CFD (contract for difference) trading app, you will need to figure out your wants, needs, and skillset. Not every CFD trading platform is created the same, with each avenue offering users a broad array of CFD trading tools or forex crypto pairs. Indeed, your financial success depends on mulling over a wide variety of components, whether it is an ETF CFD or superb CFD trading software.

Which Trading Platform Components to Consider

Ultimately, it comes down to measuring each aspect’s strengths and weaknesses. You can accomplish this by presenting some key questions so you can choose a good forex CFD broker or CFD trading platform for beginners.

What should you ask? Here are some of the best queries to put forward as you make that leap into the world of forex and CFD:

  • Is the platform user-friendly?
  • Is the outlet mobile-friendly?
  • Is it secure?
  • Does it offer real-time analytics and data?
  • Is the platform reliable and responsive?
  • Does it offer the ability to trade instantly?
  • Does it have risk management tools like stop-loss?
  • Does it provide you with important analytical tools to facilitate your choice of investment?
  • Does it have reasonable fees?
  • Does it have good customer support?
  • Does it provide you sufficient choice of trading markets?
  • Do the features match your trading skill level?

easyMarkets CFD Broker

A trading platform that offers access to more than 200 markets on your computer, iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. It also provides worldwide customer support and an extensive range of market analysis tools. And, if you compare it to, let's say, an HYCM review, you will see that easyMarkets is a tremendous service.


Avatrade is a 15-year-old global trading platform that offers traders an extension selection of trading options. It is great for copy trading and is compatible with mobile devices, while also being great for your pocketbook since it ranks among the top for commissions and fees.


The Fortrade online CFD trading platform provides detailed CFD trading services and proffers many different trading instruments, covering dozens of currencies, as well as 250 stock CFDs, indices, and commodities. Want to learn more? Read this Fortrade review and initiate a Fortrade vs easyMarkets comparison today!


You have probably found this everywhere online, but this is still worth a mention. So, yes, eToro is a social trading and multi-asset brokerage platform that provides financial and copy trading services.

IQ Option

Did you know that IQ Option is among the fastest-growing online trading firms in the world. The website maintains several investment products, including CFD crypto, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), commodities, and indices. Most important, it will give you peace of mind when you ask this pertinent question: Is CFD trading safe? You can learn everything you need to know about IQ Option by checking out the IQ Option review.

Best CFD Brokers by Country

  • Brazil: IG, Saxo Bank, and XTB; France: CMC Markets, eToro, and XTB
  • Germany: IG, Saxo Bank, and CMC Markets
  • Italy: Degiro, eToro, and XTB
  • Poland: Degiro, eToro, and XTB
  • Russia: IG, Saxo Bank, and XTB
  • Saudi Arabia: IG, interactive Brokers, Forex
  • South Korea: City Index, CMC Markets, and Activ Trades
  • Spain: CMC Markets, eToro, and XTB
  • Thailand: Hotforex, Pepperstone, and XM
  • Vietnam: Hotforex, CFD Broker, and IC Markets

Crypto CFD Trader Review

Crypto CFD Trader is an automatic trading software that uses trading algorithms designed to scan the cryptocurrency market and detect trading signals. The robot reads market news and analyzes trading charts. It also executes orders through a high-frequency trading system and can process thousands of orders simultaneously. It is claimed that this robot has an accuracy level of 99.8% and can generate consistent profits for investors.

Overall, reviews of Crypto CFD Trader are positive, and most state that the robot performs well and accurately predicts successful trades.

The Best CFD Apps

Are you looking for CFD trading reviews?

Cryptocurrency is fast catching on and becoming more popular across many businesses, globally- it is only a matter of time before the cryptocurrency market will be thoroughly regulated- allowing more investors to invest in digital assets. As of now, CFDs crypto can assist traders in generating varying amounts of profits by predicting the price movements. But, like everything else in the world of finance, all novice traders need to be educated about cryptocurrency, forex, and CFD.

In the end, if you are just starting with cryptocurrency CFDs, it is highly recommended you consult with a professional investor or a broker to understand the business, if you are suited for it, and ensure you do not fall for a CFD stocks scam.

  • Interactive Brokers
  • Pulse500
  • Vantage Fx
  • eToro
  • IG
  • XTB

Equip Yourself with Knowledge

In the world of finance, it is imperative to arm yourself with not only CFD trading tools, but also knowledge. Whether you are engaged in forex crypto pairs or you altered your strategy to include an ETF CFD, you must ensure you have all the information at your fingertips to execute the best trade. This is a two-party plan: the CFD trading platform for beginners and your due diligence.