What are your experiences with switching from Robinhood to Wealthsimple Trading Platform?

Asked 3 years ago

After the Robinhood debacle, has anyone recently switched to Wealthsimple? I am still using CIBC, but I love the commissions that Wealthsimple offers! TIA

Andrew Moran

Monday, June 28, 2021

It should be noted that Robinhood is not available for Canadian investors. WealthSimple is generally the Canadian version of Robinhood that offers traders zero-commission trading.

That said, using a CIBC/WealthSimple hybrid can still be a terrific option.

The reason? WS is great if you want to buy and sell short-term and test a strategy your devising. By possessing a high-commission trading platform, like CIBC, you will avoid getting emotional over a long-term stock if it slides.

Overall, WealthSimple is a great trading platform.

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