Should You Diversify Your Stock Portfolio and Buy Stocks in Gold?

Should you be diversifying your portfolio with gold? What does it means to have gold stock, and why you would buy it.

Filip Dimkovski
By Filip Dimkovski
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published April 19, 2021.

Sure, diversification is always good, but I wouldn't go for too much when buying gold. While gold is inflation-proof, it's not quite the best option for growth, if growth is your goal. As an asset, gold is almost always a good choice, since it's a safe haven. Gold is a rather scarce metal and has maintained most of its value over the years.

To put a precise answer to your question, it really depends. If you're already confident in your current income and the funds you have, then gold is a good choice. With gold coins/gold stock, your money is safe and will have the same value 5-10 years from now (which is not true when keeping the money in cash). If your net worth is already high and you're content with your income, then yes, buy gold.

If, however, you'd still like to expand your income sources and increase your growth, gold is probably not a good option. Sure, having a small percentage of your portfolio in gold (no more than 10%), is definitely smart, but you need to treat it as an emergency fund. If your goal right now is growth, then stable and growing stocks definitely outdo gold.