Where Can I Find the Best Free Trading Signals?

The best free trading signals are provided by professional traders who spend most of their day trading the markets and can spot developing trading setups and signals.

By Simon Mugo
Edited by Taj Schlebusch

Published May 24, 2021.

While we cannot give you personalized investment advice, there are several ways through which you can find the best free trading signals. Let's look at the main characteristics of good signals.

Good Signal Traits

The first crucial trait of all great signal services is that they are run by professional traders who spend most of their day trading the markets and quickly identify emerging trade setups to send out a trade signal.

The best signal providers are not afraid to show their losses but have a winning track record established over many years. They are not overnight successes whose track record cannot be publicly verified.

Trading Bots

There are also many providers selling automated trade signals generated by trading bots without the daily input of actual professional traders. From my experience, these tend to be the worst signals providers.

As much as the financial markets have evolved and automated programmes are executing most transactions, the human aspect is still a crucial component of trading and always will be.

Even the best bots owned by hedge funds are monitored by quant trading teams constantly tweaking and adopting their automated trading strategies to the ever-changing markets.

Final Note

Avoid experts who are constantly pushing you to buy their courses, yet they have not given you any valuable trading insights.