Top CFD brokers

Before investing in CFDs, let us help you find the right broker for you.

CFDs, or Contracts for Difference are tradeable assets, like currencies and stocks, but with two differences.

First, the CFD trades are leveraged trades, which allows the trader to purchase (or sell) more virtual units of an asset (without actually owning them) at a lower cost. The potential earnings of leveraged trades are significantly higher than those of unleveraged trades, as are the potential risks.

Second, traders who invest in CFDs do not take actual ownership of the asset. Rather, they invest on how they believe the asset will move while the position is open. A trader can open what is known as a “long” position, by purchasing virtual units of the asset (again, without owning them), hopefully to sell them later at a higher price. Alternately, opening a “short” position, means selling virtual units of the asset to the broker, and purchasing them back when the price has dropped.

Below are the top CFD brokers according to the research and reviews conducted by the Brokereviews experts.

Broker Broker
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